Adam Poma
Adam Poma

500m row in 1:18
42 minute vested Murph, one time, don’t ask me to do this again, I’ll riot
6:58 Karen
Can cook minute rice in :58 seconds


CrossFit L1
CPT through NASM
Nutrition cert through NASM


Adam Poma

I have always been into sports and athletics, but never at any sort of level outside of pure recreation. After the 2020 thing, I decided to get back in shape and for some reason chose CrossFit, even though I had never so much as sneezed near a barbell before. Tale as old as time, instantly fell in love and was completely addicted.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m still wildly enamored by the CrossFit world. I took a leap and completely changed my career trajectory towards fitness. Got my personal training cert through NASM, and then my CrossFit L1. I have full intentions of proceeding in the CrossFit academy world with the L2 and 3 very soon.

I love coaching almost as much as I love doing a WOD. If you’ve ever personally seen someone’s “first” up close and in real time, such as their first pull-up, you will know what I mean. It’s incredibly rewarding to share in moments like that, and I’v