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Lu Wallace


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Lu Wallace

I was a long-distance runner as a teenager, I learned a ton of skills in the Air Cadets, earning my gliding pilot's license, and hiking the Alps and the Himalayas. I then had children and moved from the UK to Michigan!
Fitness became my solace! I felt more confident and able to keep up with the demands of a busy household! I found CrossFit at a later stage and have loved being part of the CrossFit community.

There have been a few turning points in my life, one of them was failing the Royal Air Force aptitude test - that really forced me to take action and decide what I wanted to do with my life. The other, was when a doctor informed me that I had a rare blood condition - meaning any surgery, birth or serious injury could have massive implications. It has forced me to dial in my health on a cellular level and focus on overall health.

I love Nutrition coaching because it allows me to help you unclog the chaos. With so much information out there, my favorite part is sitting down 1:1 with you, learning about your goals, your setbacks, and what drives you. listening to your wins.